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Do you seek guidance from others when making decisions? Do you need approval from others? We often do this as we do not trust or we doubt ourself as we feel such inner doubt and hate to make mistakes. We do not recognize that our mistakes are not failures, they are simply experiences we go through to evolve. That is why we are here on this planet, to evolve our Soul.

We have all the wisdom and guidance we need if we started to trust the answers within. Our higher self or soul knows what is best for us. So you ask, how do we work with this wisdom? We are always receiving nudges, thoughts, inspiration and love and this not only comes from our Soul but your spiritual family and guides. To tap into this higher knowledge is to listen to these nudges. If you ask yourself a question and place your hand on your heart, and the answer feels right here, you have your validation. BUT, if you ask the same question and the answer feels like it is coming from your thoughts, that is Ego and you never listen to Ego!!!

So begin to work with your Soul, it knows everything about you as it has all knowledge of who you are! When I started listening to my Soul years ago, it has always lead me in the right direction and I do not seek others for validation.

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