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Before you read on, what does stillness mean to you?

We all have different interpretations of what this means depending on the level of our spiritual awareness. How often throughout the day, do you stop and just be in the moment? Even if you can say once, that is a great start. It is hard to be still when life is so busy and that time has sped up. For majority of us, we live with "monkey brain" too many thoughts and too many things to do and that makes it difficult to stop and be still or even to meditate.

There are so many benefits of trying to be still even if its for a few minutes at a time. Stillness is a form of meditation. We do not always have to sit and meditate to quiet the brain. It can be as simple as going for a walk and just focusing on the beauty that you see, or weeding your gardens and seeing the fruit of your labour or enjoying watching your children or animals playing, or washing the dishes and feeling the warm water and suds on your hands or being just present and listening to a loved one. When we stay focused on what we are doing, that is meditation and that quiets the mind. It is so therapeutic as it is an opportunity to calm the mind so it calms the body. When I am in the moment, it is also when I have my greatest connection to the Spirit realm. So try and be more aware of being in the moment and see how you feel. So many health benefits for taking a few moments every day to nurture your soul.

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