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Have you paid attention to your self-talk? Do you say nice things or do you degrade yourself with very hurtful statements? Do you look in the mirror and see the beautiful soul that you are or do you find things to criticize?

We as women are you so hard on ourselves and we say things that we would never ever say to another human being. Why is it okay though to say these things about ourself? We also compare ourself to others and that even compounds the problem.

So with all that being said, lets begin to change this old programming and start today rewiring our brain. I know it can be many years that you have even paid yourself a compliment. What would be one positive thing you could say? Here are some ideas:

I have beautiful eyes; i am having a great hair day; i like the outfit i am wearing; I have a beautiful smile; my make-up looks great; I am a great listener; I have a contagious laugh; I give good advice. If you can pay yourself one compliment, allow yourself to feel it and then when you are ready, find two things to say. The tricky part is not allowing yourself to say anything degrading. When you catch yourself about to say something negative, stop your thoughts before you go through with it and then say anything nice about yourself.

God sees you as a perfect creation. Your soul shines brightly and that is the core of who you are. You are the only one who can fix your inner programming. Wouldn't it feel wonderful to wake up each day and love yourself a little more? Give yourself this time to begin to heal the old wounds and start shining your inner light.

If you feel you cannot do this alone, I can help. Please reach out to me and we can work out and heal the issues that are imbedded within you. Self-care is so important as it allows more happiness to come into your life along with learning to love yourself.

Big hugs,

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