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Our Emotional Guidance System

Hi Everyone! I want to chat about our emotions/feelings which is known as our Emotional Guidance System. Our feelings/emotions rule how you are feeling. Our feelings/emotions rule also what kind of day, week, month or truly what kind of life you will be living. How you ask can our feelings rule?

We choose every single day on how we feel about everything. This is the key word is choice. Choice decides what direction we go, the decisions we make, how we feel at every single moment in time. We alone are responsible for our emotions, feelings and the choices we make. We just do not recognize the importance of our feelings. Emotions are the indicator of what you are attracting. Emotions are powerful tools and they guide us every day.

How many of you on an hourly or daily basis check in with yourself on how you are feeling? How has your self-talk been? Self-talk is a huge player on your emotions/feelings. If you could record your thoughts in one day, would the feedback be positive or negative? Would you have said things about yourself that you would never ever say to another? Self-talk rules your emotions also. Pay attention to yourself for one day and listen to what you think. Are your words kind, gentle and loving or are they negative, hurtful or demeaning? This is the importance of choice and how you can either have a great or bad day. When you feel good, all things are possible and when you feel bad, you will have a miserable day and either of these emotions can make or break someone else's day also.

A piece of advice - you can improve any bad thought or feeling at any given moment by simply choosing to focus on things or thoughts that make you feel good. We can easily linger on feeling those heavy bad feelings or choose to look at the wonderful things we are blessed to have. Look at your blessings and the abundance that is in your life.

So I ask you, please be in control of your thoughts and choose to be kind, loving, gentle and patient with yourself and choose to change a bad day or thought into a good one.

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