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 When I was on my walk, I asked Spirit to guide me for a topic to write about and they gave this beautiful word of Inspiration. It is a great topic because for me inspiration was the word that always helped me grow into the woman I am today. I have always been inspired to be more than who I was at that moment in my life; it was inspiration that always encouraged me to move forward and to grow and learn and then I was inspired to step into the role that I am in presently to be the Spiritual person to help others on their spiritual life journey. I do not like to call myself a leader as we all are our own leaders on this journey.

How do you find your inspiration? Do you listen to your inner wisdom or feel the nudges when it is time for change? Most people do not like change as they are so comfortable where they are but are not happy or recognize that something is missing. Listen to our Soul, that is connected to the God source, as it knows what is lined up for you. Take the first step, even if it is an uncomfortable step to take. I know this, as my whole life has been one of uncomfortableness. Spirit, with baby steps, always placed the right moment in front of me and now looking back, I faced fears about starting new things. One example was I joined what I thought was just going to be a meditation class. After the teacher held the meditation she said it was time for mediumship messages!! Well at that moment in my life I had never given a message so when it was my turn to give one, I said no thank you I am only here for the meditation!! She laughed and guided me to give a simple message. After it was over, I thought to myself never coming back here! I do not want to be a medium and then, and still today I don't know how it happened, I was in my car the following week going back!!! I even said to myself, what are you doing and I said I really don't know!! Spirit knew this was the path to be on and even though I was quite nervous I continued on the journey and now it is something I do fulltime!! Now I love giving messages!

Get inspired, grow, be happy, find personal fulfilment and most importantly, listen to the nudges of your Soul.

Many blessings

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