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Healing with Forgiving Yourself

Good Morning Everyone. I hope you are having an amazing long weekend. I do hope you are taking time for yourself. I wanted to talk about Self-Forgiveness. This is about forgiving yourself. I am in the process of doing this now to further heal my heart of past wrong doing and hurt that people have done to me. I have done the work on forgiving them but now I also need to forgive myself. I know you must be thinking why? If I have forgiven them for what they have done to me, why do I have to forgive myself? The hurt still lingers in our hearts. I can speak of this personally. My father physically hurt me when I was young but as I got older and before he passed and after his passing I had forgiven him for his action but truthfully the pain and memory is still embedded in me emotionally and physically. I have begun to forgive myself also as I understand that my soul came here to learn a lesson. I have come to understand that in a past life I must have played a role in hurting someone and to balance the understanding, I received the hurt. The bigger picture is I had to understand both sides of physical abuse and forgive myself that I had hurt someone in a past life and forgive the child that received the hurt this lifetime. Healing oneself is a powerful tool to move forward in life with a lighter heart. We deserve to live a life with peace, joy and happiness. Much love to you all Nancy

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