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HAPPINESS - do you feel you are happy or allow yourself to feel moments of happiness on a daily basis? How about the feeling of joy? The clients that I have been seeing lately are struggling with day to day life with no feeling of joy. What we have to recognize is what we focus or put our attention to every hour is what we will be receiving more of. Like energy attracts more like energy.

When we decide to change our thoughts, it changes our feelings and when we change our feelings we can create more of what we do want. I know this works as I have applied this to my own life. I have lived with sadness, depression, loneliness, cried way too many tears and every time I felt this way, I lost hope. As I matured, I recognized that I was in control on how I felt about everything and so I started to every day find things that brought a smile to my face, I listened to positive podcasts, read enlightening books, found a reason to feel good. I started keeping a grateful journal of writing down 5 things every night and it was a wonderful exercise to do before bed as I always fell asleep with a lighter heart. Do you know those 5 things every night adds up to 150 every month? So now I choose every day to find reasons to feel happy and to feel good.

We can change how we feel every day, it is a choice and a choice only you can make. Life changes when you decide. Start to choose more feelings of happiness and joy and see how it begins to change your perspective and how you live.

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