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Healing Heart Chakra

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I am going to talk every week about one of the 7 Chakras and today it is about the Heart which I feel is one of the most important Chakras to start with.

Why is the Heart Chakra so important to heal and remove any blockages?

The Heart is the center of who we are. It is our ability to love and feel joy. Sometimes described as a bridge between the mind, body and spirit.

When this Heart center is balanced you feel love, joy, gratitude, offer empathy to others, and feel a deep sense of inner peace and a strong connection with Spirit.

When this Centre is unbalanced or blocked you will experience negative feelings and emotions. You could feel that you struggle to relate to others, feel less compassionate, possible trust issues and not feel at peace.

What feelings could possibly have blocked this Chakra? Unforgiveness to yourself and to others, bitterness, resentment, feeling unloved, holding onto past grudges, felt unempowered and lost, and deep feelings of hurt.

These emotional feelings are transferred to our physical body which can produce heart or lung disease, asthma, upper back and shoulder issues, and possible breast issues.

This is why Reiki healings are so beneficial to you. The energy healing works on healing the emotional and then the physical body.

Along with Reiki, you can begin also on learning how to heal by trusting the relationship you have with your Reiki practitioner and opening up about your past issues and learn to let them go.

Healing is a powerful tool.

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