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Being overwhelmed...that is what it has felt like these last few weeks for me. I was telling my best friend all what has been happening and she said write about it and I took her advice.

How do you cope when you are feeling overwhelmed with too many thoughts or too much to do? These last two weeks have been like no other I have ever experienced. Aside from taking care of my elderly clients, working everyday with one elderly woman and taking care of her household and along with mine, my spiritual business, and so much more I have also hurt myself. I fell on my kitchen floor, sprained quite badly my finger, walked into things, and other things that have happened. I have felt pain, been angry, frustrated, cried, laughed and shouted to Spirit I have had enough!!

  I recognize I need to slow down and be in the moment so I have. I have made myself stop in-between jobs and relax and read my book; I have gone for walks; I have talked to my friend and shared everything and that felt wonderful to release those emotions; I have just sat silently and be in the moment of enjoying the serenity in my yard; I took a day off from work and went on a road trip, that was therapeutic. All these things have helped me tremendously.

So moving forward so I don't get overwhelmed again, I will be quite aware of checking in with myself everyday and paying attention to what my needs are; I am not going to allow myself to feel like I am the Ever ready rabbit and keep going and try and get so much done in one day as there is always tomorrow and find time every day to enjoy my backyard and relax.

When you read this, please share your ideas on how you help yourself. We all need to help one another and that's why I share my stories.

Please share this post so we know we are not alone.

Many blessings

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