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Thank you for stopping and taking the time to browse here on my web page!


Life is supposed to be wonderful; and at times can present challenges.  

Are you on a journey of energy or physical healing? Are you looking at healing an emotional pain or finding your next steps or orientation in life?


If you are browsing for information on different forms of healing modalities or searching for more knowledge, then I suggest you take a moment and review what I may offer.


My name is Nancy MacCallum. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Coach located in Barrie, Ontario. I knew in my 40s that my calling in this life was about healing myself and others.  This journey that I am on has been and continues to be guided from Spirit.


My Journey

NANCY_edited.jpg  Nancy MacCallum is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Coach
n11.jpg Nancy MacCallum is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Coach
nan1199.jpg Nancy MacCallum is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Coach
Pic2_edited_edited.jpg Nancy MacCallum is Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Coach

I am grateful to have been able to overcome a variety of issues - learnings that I can now use to help others. 

My journey has been about: overcoming and understanding depression; realizing I am a worthy person; not fitting in - ostracized for being different and not knowing why; and being proud of myself for the healing I have done with the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse I endured as a child.

This healing began with forgiving the people who hurt and harmed me. If we truly can forgive others, then we open
the door for self-love and then the healing can begin.

I would like to take this moment and address an issue that happened to me when I was 7 years old. It is a topic that people do not want to openly talk about but suffer in silence; and that is about rape. There is so much to say but this is not the forum to go into detail.

I just want to share that I suppressed this memory for 51 years. For the longest time, I wasn’t emotionally capable of addressing it. I did do the necessary healing and in doing
so, I feel I can assist others in their healing journey.

My past experiences lead me on a path of becoming a
healer in order that I can help other people address their issues. I did not allow myself to fall into the role of being
a victim. 

I found my way, even though it was a difficult one, through my own inner strength. I had the courage to acknowledge what was wrong with my past and not continue the cycle.  

We all come here on this planet to grow as souls and discover who we truly are. In doing so, some of the lessons we go through are so painful, but it appears that this is where we receive our most growth.

Your past does not define you, your past creates the person who you choose to be.

“Never forget the three powerful resources we have available - Love, Prayer and Forgiveness” - author unknown

I invite you to review my site and determine if you think we might be a good fit. We can exchange emails and/or have a chat to confirm how i may help you. Please reach out, I may have the answers you've been looking for.

If you would like, please visit my Services page and discover
if one of my services is right for you. 



Having a strong background in science, and having recently visited a traditional therapist, I was skeptical of seeing an intuitionist and Reiki practitioner.  Nancy, however, was grounded, caring and professional.  She is very “matter of fact” in her approach.  Some of her insights would be impossible from a traditional science framework and could only originate from someone who has finely honed in to her rare gifts.  The insights were invaluable to me in terms of reconciling aspects of my life, becoming aware of internal processes, and in terms of making decisions that would move my life forward in the best possible way in comparison to traditional therapy. 
The price was considerably lower and the benefits were considerably better.

Christopher D.         May, 2024                            

Nancy, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for our reading last week. My experience with you was like no other. You picked up on things no one ever has. I truly felt the love during our session from my departed loved ones. 


Molly B.        April, 2024

I have personally known Nancy for a number of years. She has overcome many obstacles in her life to become the wonderful person that she is.  She has progressed and continues to grow  with her spiritual gifts.  Nancy has touched a number of souls that needed the release or comfort of the messages or healings that she has given them. Nancy also conducts zoom and in-house meditation classes.  She has introduced some people who were curious or attracted to the benefits of spiritual meditation and giving other messages from spirit.

I would personally recommend that  you speak and meet with Nancy to achieve a better understanding of yourself and your spiritual journey.

Fred C.        April,  2024

You know when you meet someone and you know you just were meant to meet them and the healing is overflowing and received with much thankfulness and joy that you cannot wait to see them again to continue your healing.  I haven’t felt this way, like in forever, it feels like.  OMG I am feeling it now!  This I am referring to is with Nancy, as I am free of pain.  I no longer have pain with my knees.  Nancy, thank you as you continue to help me with other issues as well. I am so very blessed to have you in my healing chapters and journey.  There is no feeling like it as the feeling of freedom of pain.  Thank you

Cheryl F.       April,  2024

"Today I had the absolute pleasure of having a past life regression with Nancy.
It was an awe inspiring magical experience that I couldn't of imagined what to expect at all. Her very soothing guiding voice took me on a journey where I discovered and experienced several previous life times. Through "seeing" these, I was able to experience different aspects of myself and relationships I have had in those life times, vs, the ones I have today. They were so vivid and the details were very clear, it was an experience that captured all of my senses. The smell of the flowers, the pain and heaviness in my lower limbs, the grass I was sitting in, it was simply amazing!! If anyone is curious, or simply wants an opportunity to experience a different aspect of themselves, then treat your self to this experience, it will be more than you will expect!"

Bobbi L.     October, 2023

"I have known Nancy for over 28 years. As a spiritual life coach, she counsels, teaches, offers advise and sometimes, just listens. When a potential life altering event occurred, Nancy helped me heal and tap into my inner strength. I learned the power of self-talk, visualization and manifestation. Nancy has taught me to listen, appreciate and acknowledge my body in a way that has helped me in my journey of self-healing. We all have the power inside us and just need the right person to help us unlock our potential. Nancy is that person!" 

Diane O.     July, 2023    

“I met Nancy several years ago for a card reading, which she was excellent at.  I have had a few Reiki sessions through the years with Nancy and it's always a positive experience.  The energy she radiates, you always come out feeling better about yourself and your life going forward.  I love these sessions with Nancy, she is one of the best out there.  I will always go back to her time and time again. I have also gone to her for mediumship readings and she is always spot on where and how I am feeling in my life.  I always feel happier, lighter and free when my sessions are over”

Nancy A.       June, 2023    

“I have had several Reiki treatments from Nancy and I could feel the energy come through her hands and into my body.  At the end of the session, I felt so rejuvenated and relaxed.  I am not sure how it works, BUT it surely works!!  Thank you”

Diane G.       May, 2023   

“Nancy and I first met at meditation circles many years ago.  Through the years I have watched Nancy grow into a very gifted medium and Reiki practitioner, offering her services whenever needed.  Her passion for connecting with spirit and her healing energy is refreshing and uplifting.  My sessions with Nancy bring me new insights and personal growth each and every time”.

Kathy G.      May, 2023

If you would like, please visit my Services page and discover
if one of my services is right for you. 


Harmony in Healing

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