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How often do you feel happy or joy - daily, weekly, monthly? I have been given this a lot of thought lately because as of January I promised myself that this would be the year where I want to feel more happiness and joy in my life. I do not expect it to come to me as I could possibly be waiting and waiting for it... so I am choosing to go find things that make me feel good. I have lived most of life in survivor mode of one sort or another for so long that I no longer want to feel anything other than experiencing happiness, more laughter, more silliness, more giggles, more joy and feeling so content and at peace. I am choosing to live my life this way as we are creators of our own reality. So I have started a bucket list and writing and thinking of the things I want to do or see is bringing me joy. Here are a few things on my list that I will be doing shortly: going to a movie by myself; visiting and experiencing the Salt Caves in Vaughan; going hiking and finding crystals in Bancroft; driving to Ottawa and Montreal to spend quality times with my friends and much more.

So I ask you, what will be on your bucket list?

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